– 1 in 6 students drop out of high school every year

– 1 in 5 high school students fail to earn a high school diploma on time.

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Our Mission

Prepare Urban Youth For Postsecondary Success

The Bridge Academy is a non-traditional path for youth facing challenges in traditional public school and academic learning environments. The Academy’s progressive staff, student-focused class setting and technology based curriculum reveal the students’ untapped potential, exposing them to unlimited possibilities in academic and non traditional career fields. Be it through postsecondary education, hands on training, or career certifications, the possibility of achieving their lifelong career goals are limitless. The Bridge Academy seeks to expose each young person’s God given ability to thrive and excel academically, socially, personally and professionally.

What We Offer

TBA is a 3-day a week onsite hybrid program. Students work 2 days from home virtually. Students interested in the high school program must have completed their 9th grade year of high school, and have earned a minimum of one credit in each of the core areas: Math, Science, and Language Arts. Upon the successful completion of 23 credits, students receive their high school diplomas.

Allows students enrolled in traditional schools to recover credit from a failed class as well as take a limited number of new classes approved through their High School Counselor. TBA offers most core courses and an extensive list of elective courses. This is a computer-based, independent-study program supported by a success coach and tutor as needed.  Apply Now

This is a 6-12 month program that assists youth from 16-24 years of age with the completion of a secondary certificate.

Direct support for students enrolled in any TBA program to access and enroll in postsecondary education that leads to industry-recognized credentials, one-year technical college certifications, Associate and Bachelor Degrees.

The Bridge Academy Alumni continue to receive direct support to help them maximize their potential, in pursuing a postsecondary program. This includes providing resources that will enable students to alleviate barriers and successfully complete their program earning a certification and or degree.

The Workforce Investment Opportunity Act Youth Program delivers a comprehensive array of services that assist low-income youth in preparing for post-secondary education and employment opportunities, attaining educational and/or skills training credentials, and securing employment with career/promotional opportunities. The Atlanta Regional Commission Workforce Board funds the WIOA program.

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