Transforming Lives

“Being a part of The Bridge Academy has been a wonderful experience. The Life Coaches and Mentors helped me make a smooth transition from high school to college, where they have continued to support me. My coach consistently checks in to help hold me accountable to my goals. Also, the informative webinars and events keep me engaged. I haven’t found any other program that connects so personally to students and their families.”

~Madison Dixon, Douglasville

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Transform a Family.

Housing Pathways: Our “Cross The Bridge to Home” program offers financial and workforce development training, case management, and connections to sustainable housing.

The Academy: Our education program presents options for students who struggle academically to earn a high school diploma. The Academy provides a competent, caring, and loving environment suited to meet students holistically.

Food to THRIVE: Our Food program provides family meals and farm-to-table food options for families who would otherwise be limited to fast food or food-on-the-go options due to their limited budgets and limited cooking environments in motels.

The Impact Your Donation Will Make!

Your donation will:

  • Subsidize tuition for students who desperately need our programs and services to have an opportunity for a viable future;
  • Purchase food/supplies for our food program to open weekly vs. our current monthly opening;
  • Purchase two mobile homes in a mobile home community to help families create a pathway to long-term sustainable housing. Many of the families we serve cannot secure housing outside of the extended-stay hotels because of their credit. The purchases will allow us to offer lease purchase options for our families to rebuild their lives–through housing stability, credit repair, and mobile homeownership.